FAll Fund drive for Farmers & Food Pantries

Fall Fund Drive to support farmers donating fresh, local veggies to food pantries for the holidays, ends at Midnight tonight. Make a donation to honor a friend or loved one. Donate in honor of your mother, father, sister, brother. Donate because you care and you want to see fresh food on everyone's plate during the holiday season. Every dollar counts as does every hard shelled squash someone in need prepares for their family. A chain of events you can be a part of, making a difference in the lives of many.

Thank you.

Help Fresh Start Farmers get ready for next season by joining us at the farm for our annual clean and glean- tomorrow!! Spend some time harvesting produce still on the vine or in the ground. Cut back corn stalks, tear up plastic, remove veggies gone by. Prepare the soil for cover crop. Laying the groundwork, preparing the farm and soils for winter will bring healthy, beautiful veggies next season. We appreciate your help and we look forward to seeing you at the farm! 5 Story Hill, Dunbarton. 10am-12pm.