The New American Farmers Cooperative is a producer cooperative that was established in 2016 by a group of refugee farmers in order to achieve their collective goals of  increased self-sufficiency, efficiency, viability, and long-term sustainability of their farm businesses.  The Cooperative is multilingual and multicultural, with its 14 member-farmers representing the Somali-Bantu, Congolese, Burundi, and Bhutanese communities. The farmers bring rich agricultural experience from both their countries of origin as well as the experience gained while farming in the United States and participating in ORIS' New American Sustainable Agriculture Program.  They currently market their produce through Fresh Start Farms' CSA, wholesale to schools and businesses, farmers markets throughout NH, the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program, and SNAP accessible neighborhood farm stands in the greater Manchester area.  The New American Farmers Cooperative's plots are located in Dunbarton, NH.