Healthy Corners

Our Healthy Corners initiative is a joint program with the Manchester Health Department to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to corner stores throughout the city to strengthen and expand food access.

Why sell healthy food?

Corner Stores are important sources of food for city residents. Selling healthy food is good for the community and for your business. 4 bags of chips can yield the same profit (about $0.20) as 1 apple, showing that healthy foods can yield high profit margins while boosting community long-term health and wellness.

The Benefits

  1. FRESH FOOD AT WHOLESALE PRICES: We offer a wide range of high quality and affordable fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks. Online ordering is easy and Healthy Corners deliveries can be any size- our minimum is only $50 of Healthy Corners Products a month. We’ll even stock the shelves!
  2. FREE MARKETING, TOOLS & ASSISTANCE FRESH FOOD AT WHOLESALE PRICES: We want your business to grow and we know you are busy. Healthy Corners will support your store by providing necessary equipment for your produce display like shelving, refrigeration and baskets. We also help with providing marketing like flyers, banners and press releases.
  3. FLEXIBLE PAYMENT TERMS: We understand trying new products can be risky. We want to take that risk away from you. For the first 90 days of joining Healthy Corners, you will only be billed for products sold. We will work with you to identify your top selling products so you only stock what customers want and need.
  4. COMMUNITY SUPPORT: You play an important part in the health of our community and your customers understand that. Join the growing number of business owners across the country who are committed to providing their customers with fresh healthy foods AND making a profit.

The Goal

Healthy Corners is a Fresh Start Farms Food Hub program that helps expand healthy food access in Manchester.

We deliver fresh produce and healthy snacks year round to corner stores in areas where food access is limited, also known as “grocery gaps” or “food deserts”. We specialize in locally grown fruits and vegetables with an emphasis on culturally important foods produced by new Americans in New Hampshire.

Our goal is to provide you with all the tools and resources necessary to grow your business and serve the community.

Check the map below to see our current partnering corner stores!