Sustainable Agriculture

How We Grow

All producers in the Fresh Start Farms collective are implementing organic practices with support from ORIS’s incubator farm manager. While we are not certified organic, we do work closely with UNH Cooperative Extension and USDA Natural Resource Conservation Services to implement practices that improve soil health, promote habitat for beneficial insects, and reduce our environmental impact.

What We Grow

Produce availability varies depending on seasonality and other production and market factors. The following list is a representation of the crops Fresh Start Farms grows, but additional varieties are often available. Please inquire for details.

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Where We Grow

Fresh Start farmers grow in multiple locations in Southern New Hampshire.


Community gardeners and beginner farmers grow their produce on three parcels of leased land in Concord.


The most advanced and long-term growers tend the land at Story Hill Farm. In May 2018, ORIS partnered with the Russell Foundation to raise the funds to purchase the 56 acre Story Hill Farm in Dunbarton. After 5 years of leasing the property, significant soil building, infrastructure development, and organizational growth, this was a natural growth step in the ORIS timeline.

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