With the spring just beginning (okay, almost!), lots has been happening over here at Fresh Start as we transition from winter to spring and summer seasons.

We appreciate you being part of this community. You make it possible for our work to support New American farmers, the local food system, and increased access to healthy food in NH.


Scroll to read more about planted seedlings, new items, our latest mural from Jyl, and updates from the winter Mobile Markets!


** Seedlings Planted at Springledge Farm! **


Our NASAP (New American Sustainable Agriculture Project) team just planted a ton of seeds for this upcoming season! This is where your produce begins. 


From This Week's Bounty


Spinach, Stout Oak (Certified Organic Farm)

Chef’s Mix Mushrooms, Dunk’s Mushrooms

Parsnips, Brookford Farm (Certified Organic Farm)


Bacon Gouda Spread

Trenchers Farmhouse Pasta



of the Week

Need ideas for the produce in your box?

Pantry Items

*NEW* Bacon Gouda Spread, Smith's County Cheese

“Pub Cheese” on a new level! We blend our creamy gouda wheels with fresh butter, salt, and herbs to create 9 varieties of a spreadable, delectable treat. 


Spread them on a burger, sandwich, steak or your favorite cracker.

*NEW* Fettuccine & Bucatini Pasta, Trenchers Farmhouse

All pastas made with signature blend of Vermont grown wheat and rich farm eggs.

Fettuccine – A 6mm flat noodle perfect for any meal!

Bucatini – A tubed pasta invented to allow the boiling water to cook the pasta from the inside out. 


"Paint Your Plate"

New mural at the Fresh Start Market on Spruce!

Artwork by Jyl Dittbenner and Rachel Litzinger 

This is Jyl’s 3rd mural for Fresh Start Farms that stretches from the front of the store and wraps back towards our packing kitchen. We are honored to have her artwork add color and life to our space. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do when you come by to pick up your FarmShare or groceries. 

Mobile Market

Finished winter markets this week!

3 months of markets, 3 communities served

Our Mobile Market is aimed at increasing access to affordable, fresh foods in the Manchester and Concord areas. 

The market eliminates the commute to the grocery store, offers 50% off for SNAP/EBT customers, plus hands out coupons for free produce courtesy of a donation made by Stonyfield.

This winter the market visited 3 apartment complexes in January, February, and March. Residents shopped at the market as well as signed up for weekly deliveries of produce boxes on the weeks in between the markets.

From 2023 to 2024, the program tripled the number of winter markets it was able to serve and quadrupled the number of veggie boxes! Here are more stats for 2024!

Some photos from the Mobile Market!

NH Harvest of the Month

A MUST use resource for local food lovers

click any image to explore more!

Monthly NH harvest, activities, recipe and more!

New Hampshire Farm to School has been working with students K-12 since 2003, connecting establishing farm-to-school connections throughout the Granite State. 

The NH Harvest of the Month is a fantastic resource that promotes seasonal, healthy eating!

Learn more about maple & beets in March!

Thank you & we'll see you soon!

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