Welcome to the Spring FarmShare!

Welcome to week 1 of your Spring FarmShare! We are so excited you’re with us this season. As a Fresh Start FarmShare member, you are supporting new American farmers’ businesses, investing in the local food system, and contributing to Fresh Start’s efforts to ensure everyone has access to fresh and healthy food. Thank you.

You should have just received an email with the subject “Time to customize your farm share.” It details the current contents of your box, which are based on the preferences you have set and what is seasonally available.

  • Monday Delivery/Pick Up: You have until midnight on Sunday to customize your box.
  • Wednesday & Thursday Delivery/Pick Up: You have until midnight Tuesday to customize your box.

There are lots of delicious local foods to choose from this week! Learn more about customization here. If you have any questions, please reach out to us by replying to your emails,  or directly at [email protected] or 603 606 2663.

Please note that Harvie is the online platform we use to manage the FarmShare, but they are not affiliated with Fresh Start Farms. The Harvie team helps with customer support/member issues, particularly on the weekends when we aren’t open. Any questions you send to Harvie will be forwarded to us, but also please feel free to reach out directly to Fresh Start staff.

Meet the Farmer

“My name is Sylvain and I am a Fresh Start Farmer who has been growing in Dunbarton since 2012. I immigrated from the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2006 due to violence and uncertainty. I resettled in Manchester, NH with my wife and son. In my home country, my family grew vegetables, flowers and raised chickens. I initially started farming in NH to grow food for my household, but over the past 10 years, I have invested in my business to

 increase production and sales. I want my customers to know that although farming is hard work, it’s my passion. I enjoy sharing gardening advice with my customers.”

This year, Sylvain is prioritizing season extension crops and he was the first Fresh Start Farmer to plant. He planted greens in the first week of March! The arugula is growing well and soon it will be available for your box! You can get a tour of his greenhouse on Facebook or Instagram.


From This Week's Bounty

Frost Sweetened Spinach, Queen’s Greens, Amherst, MA

Kale, Chard, and Salad Mix, Oasis Springs Farm, Nashua, NH

Sunflower Microgreens, Grateful Greens, Brattleboro, VT

Mixed Chef’s Mushrooms, Dunk’s Mushrooms, Brentwood, NH

Organic Chioggia Beets & Parsnips, Deep Root Organics, Johnson, VT

Eco-Certified Potomac Pears,  Champlain Orchards, Shoreham, VT

Masquerade, Red, and Lehigh Gold Potatoes, Heron Pond Farm, South Hampton, NH

Pink Lady, Macoun, and Empire Apples, Brookdale Fruit Farm, Hollis, NH

Important Member Info

Your Harvie Dashboard:

From your Harvie Dashboard, you can customize the contents of your box, reschedule/change location/skip and hold shares, and update your product preferences. Learn more about how to use your Dashboard here.

Pick Up & Delivery Info

Home Delivery
Mondays and Wednesdays 11am to 6pm
It is very important that you update your delivery instructions on your Harvie Profile page so we get the food to the right place. Be sure to leave a cooler out for the delivery driver.

YMCA of Greater Nashua 
Monday 3:30pm to 5:30pm
24 Stadium Drive, Nashua
There will be a volunteer there to help you find your box. Any milk, meat, or frozen products will be in a cooler. 

Bona Fide Green Goods Pick Up
Wednesdays 3pm to 6pm 
25 N. Main Street, Concord
Give the Bona Fide staff your name and they’ll get your box for you.

St. Paul’s School Employee Pick Up
Wednesdays 2pm to 4pm
SPS Post Office 
Any milk, meat, or frozen products will be in the fridge.

Fresh Start Food Hub Pick Up
Wednesdays OR Thursdays 2pm to 6pm
150 Spruce Street, Manchester
You can pick up your share either day. No need to notify us, just come on by!

We will not hold missed pick-ups. We will donate any unclaimed shares to our local food pantries. 

Please return boxes & insulated liners!

of the Week

Frittatas are super flexible. You can use just about any combo of veggies, herbs, cheeses, and meats.  Here are some ideas to get you started!

Try out different mixtures using seasonal veggies that are available: potatoes, sweet potatoes, chef mushrooms, spinach, kale, chard, and squash. Plus, every frittata needs some onions & garlic! 

Add some Maplebrook Feta, Grafton 1-Year Aged Cheddar, VT Salumi Sausage, or North Country Bacon!

Don’t forget the LaValley eggs! LaValley’s hens enjoy a cage-free and barn-free existence. The chickens roam freely across the 60 acres of farmland in Hooksett/Allenstown, eat a diet of only natural ingredients, and rotate around the farm to help with fertilization.


Pantry Items

New Producer!! Maple Nut Kitchen

Maple Nut Kitchen handmakes award-winning granola in Swanzey, NH.  Their granolas are produced in a dedicated gluten-free facility, using only the best ingredients. All flavors are made with gluten-free and vegan ingredients, but you won’t miss anything because they are filled with plump dried fruit, crunchy nuts, and toasted oats. Each flavor is hand-blended and then lightly baked to seal in the delicious taste. 

We’ve got Maple Nut, Almond Cranberry, Mocha Chip, Sweet & Salty, and a completely grain-free Northern Berry Harvest!

Cocoa Nutz Berkshire Bark 

New flavor! Belgian Dark & Milk Chocolate with Coconut Chunks & Chips, Wellfleet Sea Salt, and Roasted Almonds.

Berkshire Bark is a unique chocolate bar handcrafted in the pristine Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts, of top-quality chocolates and all-natural, honest ingredients. No preservatives, no shortcuts, the quality of this chocolate speaks for itself!


Dairy Items

New from Blue Ledge Farm: Maple and Herbal Chevre Goat Cheese!

With a creamy, fresh and pillowy texture, this chevre has converted many over to goat cheese! The curds are all hand-ladled which results in the light consistency of our fresh cheeses. They all pair well with a light white wine or a lighter beer.

At Blue Ledge Farm, sustainable practices are top priority. The goats graze and forage throughout the year and they are certified as an Animal Welfare Approved farm.

Maplebrook whole-milk feta is crafted in small batches. The 100% Vermont cow milk brings a bold creamy flavor to this cheese. The sweet flavor and smooth texture accompanied by the salty brine will have cheese critics craving more.

Maplebrook Farm produces handmade artisanal cheeses in the Green Mountains of Vermont. rBGH & rBST-free, 100% Vermont Milk provides a distinguishable quality and unparalleled flavor.


Protein Items

Red’s Best Haddock & Pollock

Pollock caught by Geordie King on the Brittany Lynn in Gloucester, MA. Haddock caught by David Osier on the Paulo Marc in Gloucester, MA. 1lb packs, arrives frozen.

Red’s Best, out of Boston, brings 100% traceable, Atlantic caught seafood to New England by supporting a network of local fishermen through processing, transportation, and distribution. 

Heiwa’s Tofu is handcrafted in small batches using organic, non-GMO soybeans grown on Maine and New England farms.

Heiwa Tofu is a small family business in Rockport Maine committed to sourcing local organic soybeans to produce fresh delicious tofu.

Thank you & we'll see you soon!

Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 603-606-2663 and we will get right back to you!

From all of us at Fresh Start Farms,
take good care and be well.