Greetings from Fresh Start Farms!

Things are taking off at the Dunbarton farm. Lots of seedlings are planted and sprouting, garlic and leeks are shooting up, and greens have arrived! This week, Sylvain has harvested more mustard greens for you to enjoy this week.

Look forward to organic carrots, Scarlett Queen turnips, and watermelon radish from Brookford Farm, a restock on Potomac Pears from Champlain Orchards, and lots of frost-sweetened spinach from Queen’s Greens. Plus, a restock on VT Bean Crafters veggie burgers and Maine Grains Rolled Oats, new items from Mola Foods, Herbal Chevre from Blue Ledge Farm, and so much more! 


Have you tried the freshly baked bread from Crust & Crumb bakery in Concord? This week they are baking Honey Oat bread and their extremely popular Basil Pesto Bread. Don’t miss it this week! 



Farm to School: Bringing local food to Manchester & Nashua schools!

Our Farm to School work is off and running! For the past few weeks, Peg, Fresh Start Farm to School Coordinator, along with Jess Munroe, our partner at Grow Nashua, have been busy assisting students in Manchester and Nashua with a large planting of all the ingredients to make a local pizza. Over 5,000 plants will be distributed among Fresh Start Farmers and community gardeners and starting in August we will harvest tomatoes for our famous Umoja pizza Sauce! Our sauce will be featured monthly on school menus as we convert cafeterias from frozen pizza from large distributors to fresh “Flatbread Fridays” from local farmers. We will be sure to update you as things progress!

Photos thanks to Told Video.


From This Week's Bounty

Spinach, Arugula, and Winter Gem Salad Mix, Queen’s Greens, Amherst, MA

Mustard Greens, Sylvain

Potomac Pears, Champlain Orchards, Shoreham, VT

Mixed Chef’s Mushrooms, Dunk’s Mushrooms, Brentwood, NH

Organic Carrots, Parsnips, and Scarlett Queen and Purple Top Turnips, Brookford Farm, Canterbury, NH

White and Lehigh Gold Potatoes, Heron Pond Farm, South Hampton, NH

Honeycrisp & Macoun Apples, Green Mountain Orchards, Putney, VT

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of the Week

We’ve got everything you need to make this salad that’s perfect for spring! 

Beets, turnips, carrots, radishes, spinach, and arugula come together in a salad so delicious you’ll be making it over and over again! 



Pantry Items

New Products!

New from Mola Foods!

Mola Foods founder, LaFortune Djabea is a champion of African cuisine and creates seasonings, sauces, snacks, and marinades from tastes and flavors from all around the world right here in Nashua, NH.

Chili Relish Iloba (Red): Hot chili relish created from Camerroonian peppers using an ancient ethnic recipe. Made from African ghost peppers and can be used as a marinade or dip for any protein or vegetable.

All Purpose Seasoning Blend: Our go to seasoning for meat, eggs, popcorn, sauces, and veggies. 

Golden Milk Turmeric Tea: Revitalize and refresh yourself! Add honey and your choice of milk. Drink cold or hot.

Hibiscus Flower Powder: Consumed in west Africa in a variety of ways Try as a tea or cocktail. Add to water with sugar if you desire, mix well and enjoy.

Don’t forget the plantain chips! A delicious snack that’s loved all over the world!


Dairy Items

VT Farmstead Blueberry Windsordale

Perfect on salads or your morning bagel!

It’s the hint of tart apple, the honeyed aftertaste, and the firm, flaky texture that makes VT Farmstead’s Windsordale the perfect cheese to add sweet bursts of luscious fruit. 

Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company gently cares for their land (in South Woodstock VT) and the lives of their animals to make fresh, quality, and artisan cheese available to all.

Blue Ledge Herbal Chevre

Blue Ledge’s Maple Chevre sold out the first week we stocked it, so don’t miss their Herbal Chevre!

With a creamy, fresh and pillowy texture, this chevre has converted many over to goat cheese! 

At Blue Ledge Farm, sustainable practices are top priority. The goats graze and forage throughout the year and they are certified as an Animal Welfare Approved farm.


Protein Items

VT Bean Crafters Restock! 

Harvest Veggie Burgers: Oven-roasted sweet potatoes and corn with fresh parsley and carrots, plus a maple-chipotle BBQ sauce to brighten the burger’s savory soul.

Falafel Burgers: Packed with sprouted garbanzos, kale, and parsley. Vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free!

VT Bean Crafters is joyfully serving the tastiest in local, organic and plant-based food from Waitsfield, VT.

Have you tried VT Salumi Sausage, yet?

Authentic, all-natural, handmade charcuterie from the VT countryside. Made from simple ingredients with careful craftsmanship, VT Salumi starts with antibiotic-free pork to make artisan all-natural meat products rooted in Italian tradition and the classic salumificio. 

Italian, Chorizo, Maple Breakfast, and Red Wine & Garlic available!

Thank you & we'll see you soon!

Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 603-606-2663 and we will get right back to you!

From all of us at Fresh Start Farms,
take good care and be well.