Greetings from Fresh Start Farms!

These warm, sunny days are perfect for getting the farms ready for the upcoming season. Sibomana’s garlic is peaking out of the winter straw covering and Sidi and Isha planted carrots and beets last week! Meet Sidi and Isha on Facebook or Instagram.

During the winter months, the Fresh Start Farmers attended workshops on topics such as wholesale planting plans and food safety. They finished the workshop series this month and are ready to get outside and start growing food! Pictured below are Fresh Start Farmers at their final workshop for this season. 

Concord farmers starting the season!

From This Week's Bounty

Mustard Greens & Arugula, Sylvain

Butternut Squash, Heron Pond Farm, South Hampton NH

Salad Mix, Kale & Chard, Oasis Spring Farm, Nashua NH

Watermelon Radish, Heron Pond Farm, South Hampton NH

Mixed Chef’s Mushrooms, Dunk’s Mushrooms, Brentwood, NH

Organic Parsnips, Deep Roots Organic, Johnson VT

Organic White Potatoes, Brookford Farm, Canterbury NH

Honeycrisp & Macoun Apples, Green Mountain Orchards, Putney, VT

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of the Week

We still have some cooler days ahead so what’s better than comfort food! Short ribs slowly braised in a rich braising liquid and finished with a little lemon zest and served over whipped potatoes, with simple roasted vegetables alongside.

Grab some Robie Farm Short Ribs, potatoes, carrots, turnips, and beets this week, and enjoy! 

Looking for a more hands-off/quicker way to enjoy this meal? Try a slow cooker version!


Pantry Items

New Products!

Hosta Hill Original Hot Sauce

Ripened organic jalapenos, garlic, and sea salt. Fermented to perfection, a beautiful extra spicy red sauce that goes great on anything you want to kick up a notch!

Hosta Hill is a family-owned, women-run business based in Western Massachusetts. 

New Ravioli!

Artichoke and Boursin Ravioli

Rich yet bright, fresh flavor! Roasted artichokes with Valicenti’s own Boursin cheese. Creamy, garlicky with lots of their own fresh herbs wrapped in a spinach pasta dough.

Traditional Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli

Traditional does not mean boring! Garlicky sauteed spinach, ricotta, Grana Padano with a slight hint of nutmeg wrapped in blond pasta dough.


Dairy Items


Sharp Vermont Cheddar from 5 Generations Creamery

Bright, bold and a little tangy. Pair with cured meats and other cheeses for a perfect appetizer or slice on a sandwich for a treat.

5 Generation cheeses are handmade in small batches right on the farm in their state-of-the-art creamery in West Glover, VT. They make their cheeses only with milk from their cows just next door. You can’t get any fresher or more wholesome.


Blue Ledge Honey Chevre with Orange

Fresh Chevre mixed with local Vermont honey and sprinkled with organic orange peel zest. Its like a citrus-y summer day!

At Blue Ledge Farm, sustainable practices are top priority. The goats graze and forage throughout the year and they are certified as an Animal Welfare Approved farm.


Protein Items

LaValley Farm’s Pastured Eggs

LaValley’s hens enjoy a cage-free and barn-free existence. The chickens roam freely across the 60 acres of farmland in Hooksett/Allenstown, eat a diet of only natural ingredients, and rotate around the farm to help with fertilization. These hens do have coops for nighttime protection and laying boxes, but they are outside, foraging and roaming the fields every day. 

Just look at those happy hens!

100% Grass-Fed NY Strip Steaks 

Big Picture Beef in Hardwick, MA uses only 100% Northeast  beef, with regenerative farming methods that build soil health, increase biodiversity, and protect against droughts, floods, and climate change. 10oz, Frozen.

Thank you & we'll see you soon!

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From all of us at Fresh Start Farms,
take good care and be well.