Part of our work here at Fresh Start Farms is improving food access in our community through a number of food access programs. Our colleagues Savitri and April are running the Mobile Market this summer which is having great success, and colleague Marta has been continuing to lead the Fresh Choice Manchester Program!

Fresh Choice Manchester makes it feasible for corner stores in the area to sell fresh fruits and vegetables, since many folks have to walk pretty far to get to a grocery store. We added a second cohort of three new stores this May and all three did a great job! Two will be continuing and have had great success so far: TMC Convenience and LaBonne Semence! Torrance Crawford runs TMC on the West Side and is excited to be able to provide fresh produce to customers without needing to buy full cases of items. Esther runs an African market that is stocked with specialty items like spices, salted fish, cassava flour, and so much more!  She loves being able to get items like sawa sawa and amaranth from our Fresh Start Farmers because for many of her customers, it reminds them of their home countries. In total, the Fresh Choice Program has four participating corner stores and we hope to onboard three more in the coming year.


From This Week's Bounty

Eggplant and Arugula, Sidi & Isha 

Patty Pan Squash and Cucumbers, Asli

Swiss Chard and Salad Mix, Sylavin

Summer Squash and Scallions, Isho

Thai Basil and Kale, Khadija & Hassan

Green Peppers and Fennel, Fadumo & Khamis

Tomatoes, Hajiya

Sweet Corn, Lavoies Farm

Important Member Info

Your Harvie Dashboard:

From your Harvie Dashboard, you can customize the contents of your box, reschedule/change location/skip and hold shares, and update your product preferences. Learn more about how to use your Dashboard here.

Pick Up & Delivery Info

Home Delivery
Wednesdays and Thursdays 11am to 6pm

It is very important that you update your delivery instructions on your Harvie Profile page so we get the food to the right place. Be sure to leave a cooler out for the delivery driver.

Bona Fide Green Goods Pick Up
Wednesdays 3pm to 6pm 
25 N. Main Street, Concord
Give the Bona Fide staff your name and they’ll get your box for you.

St. Paul’s School Employee Pick Up
Wednesdays 2pm to 4pm
SPS Post Office
Any meat or frozen products will be in the fridge.

Fresh Start Food Hub Pick Up
Wednesdays OR Thursdays 2pm to 6pm
150 Spruce Street, Manchester
You can pick up your share either day. No need to notify us, just come on by! We will not hold missed pick-ups. We will donate any unclaimed shares to our local food pantries.

Merrimack Public Library 
Thursdays 2pm to 4pm
470 Daniel Webster Highway, Merrimack
There will be a volunteer there to help you find your box. Any meat or frozen products will be in a cooler. 

Southern NH Health
Thursdays 3pm to 5:15pm
21 East Hollis Street, Nashua
Pick-up is in the lobby. There will be a volunteer there to help you find your box. Any meat or frozen products will be in a cooler. 

YMCA of Greater Nashua 
Thursdays 3:30pm to 5:30pm
24 Stadium Drive, Nashua
There will be a volunteer there to help you find your box. Any meat or frozen products will be in a cooler. 

Please return boxes & insulated liners!

of the Week

Grilled Chicken and Eggplant With Mozzarella and Tomatoes

Try this Recipe from Martha Stewart: “As the tomato vines burst forth with the vibrant and versatile summer fruit, let them land on this plate of chicken-and-eggplant “caprese.” This riff on the beloved Italian salad adds grilled chicken breast, grilled eggplant, kalamata olives, and fresh parsley but the tomatoes remain the stars. They add acidity and a burst of freshness with each bite of this satisfying salad dinner.”


Pantry Items

*Prepared Foods*
  • Ravioli from Valicenti Pasta– Made local in NH! Amazing flavors to choose from like roasted eggplant, truffled wild mushroom, and even gluten-free flavors like lemon ricotta and traditional spinach. Got a craving for an Italian dinner? Look no further!
*Prepared Foods*
  • Jaju Pierogis- Founded by two sisters using their grandfather’s recipes, Jaju makes Polish pierogi in traditional and creative flavors, such as Cabbage and Mushroom, Spinach and Feta, Jalapeno Cheddar and more! 

Dairy Items

Vault No. 5 from Jasper Hill Farm


This is a cave-aged cheddar that is made with pasteurized cow’s milk from the Cabot Cooperative. It is aged in Jasper Hill’s unique underground vaults for 8-12 months and is made with unique Alpine-style cultures to create sweet, nutty flavors as well as a more pliant, meltable texture.

The sweet-savory balance of the cheese makes it an excellent match with smoky cured meats, apple preserves, or rich chestnut honey. Pair with a dry sparkling cider or a dark lager. It’s meltability makes Vault No. 5 a perfect contender for sandwiches like a French Dip.


Protein Items

Soy Marinated Drumsticks from Vernon Family Farm

Located in Newfields, NH, the Vernon Family Farm raises amazing, USDA-certified organic pasture-raised chicken. These soy-marinated drumsticks have a wonderful flavor and they are ready for you to throw on the grill! Great for a weekend cookout or a weeknight dinner.  

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