It’s primetime of the veggie-growing season! Tomatoes are in full swing: hothouse, plum, heirloom, and cherry! Plus there’s plenty of summer squash, lots of varieties of peppers, eggplant, leafy greens, and a bounty of herbs. The farmers have to brave the elements throughout the year to tend to their crops. But luckily, Fresh Start Farmer Khadija’s greenhouse is finally finished with help from Jed and the NASAP team. 

The Food Hub's got a Fresh Look...

Now there’s even more of a reason to stop by the Food Hub: check out this awesome goat mural that was painted by Manchester artist Jyl Dittbenner! It brings so much color and joy to our day-to-day operations–we are very grateful for her work. Jyl has done murals all over Manchester and you can find out more about her and her work on Instagram: @jyldrawseveryday. Thank you, Jyl!


From This Week's Bounty

Sweet Corn and Bok Choy, Sidi & Isha 

Husk Cherries and Tomatoes, Asli

Banana Peppers and Shell Beans, Sylavin

Kohlrabi and Summer Squash, Isho

Carrots and Kale, Khadija & Hassan

Potatoes and Scallions, Fadumo & Khamis

Slicing Cucumbers and Onions, Hajiya

Mini Watermelons, Picadilly Farm

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of the Week

Summer Potato Salad

This refreshing and flavorful potato salad is the perfect addition to any summer meal. The creamy dressing is packed with fresh herbs and tangy mustard, and the tender potatoes are mixed with chopped vegetables for freshness and crunch.

Ingredients from this recipe that you can get in your FarmShare this week:

  • Potatoes
  • Celery
  • Dill
  • Chives
  • Baby onions
  • Peppers
  • Corn

Pantry Items

*New Product*
  • Port City Pretzels from Portsmouth, NH– In 2015, Suzanne Foley took an old family recipe, added her own special twist and voilà—Port City Pretzels was born. It’s a small-town brand that’s all about joy, comfort and good old-fashioned New England resilience. Flavors include:
    • Tasty Ranch Dill- Ranch, rich butter and delicious dill baked into every bite—this is no ordinary ranch flavor! Most popular flavor.
    • Tangy Mustard ‘N Honey- House-made spicy gourmet mustard combined with sweet honey.
    • Cinnamon Sugar- Sweet. Salty. The best of both delectable worlds!
*More Snacks*
  • Shaman’s Blue Popcorn from Hurricane Flats- Organic popcorn grown in South Royalton, Vermont. They boast that it;s so good, you won’t need butter! Try for yourself and see what you think!

Dairy Items

Butter Cheese from Bell & Goose Cheese Co.

German butterkäse-style cheese, made with pasteurized cow milk, cultures, salt, rennet. Simple, buttery, delicious, made-locally on Heron Pond Farm in South Hampton, NH.

Protein Items

Ribeye Steak from Boyden Farm

Locally sourced cattle fed a healthy grass diet finished with old fashioned non-GMO feeds, creating delectable beef that is better than grass fed alone! The ribeye cut is boneless and characterized as being very tender and well-marbled. Summer’s not over yet–you can keep that grill going and try these steaks for a special dinner.

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