This week we have heavy hearts as we continue to hear of the devastation caused by the catastrophic flooding this past week in the northeast. In addition to all of the residents and area businesses impacted, many farms in NH, VT, and MA are experiencing widespread loss. 

Acres of fields are underwater, equipment has been damaged, and so many crops have been lost. Vermont farms are estimating millions of dollars in damage. There aren’t that many growing days left in the season, so replanting and restarting is challenging. Farmers are still processing the loss and determining how to move forward. Coupled with the cold snap in February and late frost in May, there have been a number of devastating events to area farmers this season.

These extreme weather events are reminders of the need to support farmers through hard times because not only do their livelihoods depend on it, but because we rely on them to feed us. Farming is inherently a business full of risk, but plays one of the most important roles in our community. It’s imperative that we share a level of risk with farmers and help disperse the cost of this type of loss. A principal part of a CSA is to weather the storm with your farmers.

Although the farms are wet, the Fresh Start Farm thankfully did not experience any flooding. Additionally, as a Food Hub, we work with a large network of area farms and are able to source from farms unaffected by the flooding, but we don’t yet know the full impact. It’s possible you may see changes in the variety and quantities available this season.

Consider donating to one of these relief funds:

We're extra thankful for blueberries this week!

Sunnycrest Farm just came into the first, beautiful flush of blueberries for the season. Pictured here is one of their overflowing bushes! 

Enjoy these delicious sweet summer treats!


From This Week's Bounty

Blueberries, Sunnycrest Farm

Winter Gem Salad Mix, Sylvain

Green Beans, Asli 

Zucchini & Summer Squash, Isho

Basil, Khadija

Sugar Snap Peas, Warner Farm

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of the Week

Summer Pea Salad with Unexpected Dressing

Farms are overflowing with peas at the beginning of July! A glorious salad to use any mix of peas you have available. 

This salad itself is very flexible; I hope you’ll think of it as a template for a summer salad, no matter what kind of pod vegetables you have on hand. Feel free to use different herbs. Use burrata or a scoop of fresh ricotta or crumbled feta instead of ricotta salata; use avocado instead to keep it dairy-free. Use another nut or seed; add greens if you prefer salads with leaves.


Pantry Items

Mola Spice Blends

Mola founder, LaFortune Jeannette Djabea, is a champion of African cuisine and creates seasonings, sauces, chips and marinades from tastes and flavors from around the world right here in Nashua, NH. Try out Mola’s All Purpose, Indian Inspired, Jamaican, Kenyan, Somalian, and Vietnamese Inspired spice blends! The products are low or no salt and are vegan, non-GMO, and contain no additives or preservatives.

Caramelized Onion and Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

This sauce helped put Terra Cotta Pasta Co. on the map at local farmers markets. Made in small batches with fresh roasted bell peppers, peeled and blended with caramelized onions, olive oil, and parmigiano and pecorino romano cheeses. This sauce is extremely versatile, add a couple of tablespoons to your vegetable saute, scrambled eggs, or mashed potatoes! Makes a great base for pizza, or is perfect for tossing with pasta or ravioli.


Dairy Items

Pepper Queso, Champlain Valley Creamery


Champlain’s pepper Queso features the addition of sweet Peppadew and spicy jalapeno peppers to the curd before moving to the forms.  The spicy/sweet combination makes for a high-brow version of pepper jack!

Protein Items

Savory Soy Garlic Drumsticks, Vernon Family Farm

Delicious, local, non-gmo chicken marinated in a fusion of garlic and soy sauce. Perfect for grilling!

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