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It’s hard to believe we are already at week 11 of the 12-week Summer FarmShare! Thank you so much for supporting the new American farmers of Fresh Start Farms this season. 

The Fall FarmShare starts immediately following the summer share, so you won’t miss a week of fresh, local food. The end of August through September is the height of the harvest season, so you’ll see lots of tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, corn and so much more! Towards the end of the 12-week share, storage crops begin and you’ll get lots of great roasting vegetables that can store into the winter months. We hope you’ll join us into the fall to enjoy more fresh, healthy, and local food with a mission! Shares are almost sold out, so don’t wait!


If you’re already signed up for the Fall Share, don’t forget to sign up for your add-on shares! Lots of local & farm-fresh items to choose from like eggs, fruit, bread, mushrooms, corn, chicken, beef, milk, and pantry item! Sign up here.

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Please take a moment to share your thoughts on the Summer FarmShare. Take the survey by 8/20 and get entered to win $25 in credits to use this fall!

From This Week's Bounty

Greenhouse Tomatoes, Dunbarton Farmers

Cherry Tomatoes, Concord Farmers

Mixed Hot Peppers & Amaranth Greens, Asli

Cilantro & Basil, Khadija

Green Peppers, Hajiya

Carrots, Elizabeth

Pickling Cucumbers & Leeks, Godance

Beets & Green Beans, Josephin

Fennel & Swiss Chard, Isho

Eggplant & Cucumbers, Edgewater Farm

Fruit Share Update

This week you’ll receive 2lbs Peaches from Brookdale Fruit Farm.

Important Member Info

Signing up for Add-on shares for fall & winter:

If you’re already signed up for the Fall FarmShare, don’t forget to sign up for your add-on shares! Lots of local & farm-fresh items to choose from like eggs, fruit, bread, mushrooms, corn, chicken, beef, milk, and pantry item! Sign up here and if you have any issues please email [email protected]

Please note that sometimes the Harvie system has a glitch and adds an additional delivery fee when you sign up for an add-on share. If this happens, please email us and we will get it updated.

Please return boxes & insulated liners!

We are starting to use insulated liners to keep your food cool in your shares to make sure your veggies are at the highest quality when you receive them. We want to make sure to limit any waste and packaging so please make sure to leave the silver insulated liner at your pick-up site or return it to your site/delivery driver. Please return any boxes as well.  Thank you!

Find resources on how to customize your boxhow to hold or reschedule a deliveryhow the payment plan works, and more in the Members Help Section.


of the Week

Basil Roasted Eggplant with Tomatoes

Basil roasted eggplant topped with fresh heirloom tomatoes and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. It’s a vegan, low-carb and gluten-free summer recipe.


Pantry Items

New items!

Welcoming Mola Foods! Founder, LaFortune Jeannette Djabea, is a champion of African cuisine and creates seasonings, sauces, chips and marinades from tastes and flavors from around the world right here in Nashua, NH.

LaFortune’s love of food began at age 11 when she started cooking for the whole family. The Cameroonian blend is from her own heritage and is an authentic ancient tribal recipe that has survived being passed from mother to daughter. “I hope to create awareness about a revolutionary way of adding spiced into cooking and bringing life to dishes.” LaFortune states as the Mola’s mission.

Try out Mola’s Senegalese, Moroccan, Ethiopian, Jamaican, Kenyan, and Cameroonian spice blends and their Plantain Chips! The products are low or no salt and are vegan, non-GMO, and contain no additives or preservatives.


Dairy Items

Featured Cheese

With a buttery aroma and a feathery finish, this mozzarella is so good you’ll want to eat it all before you get home.

Narragansett Creamery makes award-winning artisan cheeses in Providence, Rhode Island. They use local milk, kind bacteria, vegetable-based rennet, salt, and nothing else. They support fair-trade and local ingredients and do not use milk with growth hormones.

It’s the hint of tart apple, the honeyed aftertaste, and the firm, flaky texture that makes VT Farmstead’s WindsorDale the perfect cheese to add sweet bursts of luscious fruit. 

Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company gently cares for their land (in South Woodstock VT) and the lives of their animals to make fresh, quality, and artisan cheese available to all.


Protein Items

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take good care and be well.