Greetings from Fresh Start Farms!

The record-breaking rainfall these past few weeks brought a number of challenges to the Fresh Start Farmers. Waterlogged soil cuts off the air supply to roots, mud encourages crops to rot, and planting is put on hold in muddy fields. But yet, the farmers persevere and continue to grow and harvest hundreds of pounds of beautiful vegetables to bring to you each week. Zucchini and summer squash are here and loving the water and we are seeing the first small harvests of green peppers and beans!

Last week we brought in some exciting new mushroom products from Dunk’s Mushrooms and we quickly sold out, so we’ve got some more this week! Made right in Brentwood, with all local ingredients, Dunk’s Gourmet Mushroom Pot Pies, Vegan Mushroom Pulled “Pork”, and Vegan Mushroom Patties make for a delicious and easy meal!

Also, back by popular demand is Mile Smith Farm’s marinated steak tips! Limited quantities so order early.


Food Pantry Friday @ the Boys & Girls Club!

On Friday, Fresh Start Farms provided 50 boxes of vegetables to the Manchester Boys & Girls Club’s Food Pantry Friday. 

This was the first of a 20-week distribution sponsored by Elliot Hospital and Health System. We are so excited to be providing more fresh veggies to the community! 


From This Week's Bounty

Salanova Salad Mix, Asli

Bunched Carrots, Hajiya

Bok Choy & Green Peppers, Isha and Sidi

Garlic, Alice

Kale & Green Beans, Harimaya

Basil & Parsley, Khadija

Organic Caraflex & Tiara Cabbages, Kitchen Garden Farm, Sunderland MA

Hot Peppers & Leeks, Sylvain

Fennel & Peas, Isho

Summer Squash & Zucchini, Pete’s Stand, Walpole NH

Fruit Share Update

This week you'll receive a pint of blueberries from Bascom Road Blueberry Farm in Newport NH.

Have you signed up for the Fall Share yet?

We have limited availability for the 12-week fall FarmShare starting August 22nd, so be sure to sign up early and secure your peak season veggies!

Important Member Info

Low Share Value Alert

When you customize your share, make sure to look out for a box value alert in your cart. If the total value of the products in your cart is less than the value of your share ($28 or $40), you will see an alert indicating that you may add products without incurring an additional charge. Unused value does not roll over into extras or future weeks, so we want to make sure you get your full value each box!

Please return boxes & insulated liners!

We are starting to use insulated liners to keep your food cool in your shares to make sure your veggies are at the highest quality when you receive them. We want to make sure to limit any waste and packaging (and each of these liners costs $3) so please make sure to leave the silver insulated liner at your pick-up site or return it to your site/delivery driver. Please return any boxes as well.  Thank you!

Find resources on how to customize your boxhow to hold or reschedule a deliveryhow the payment plan works, and more in the Members Help Section.


of the Week

Sugar Snap Pea Salad with Radishes, Mint, and Ricotta Salta

This week we have a recipe recommended by a fellow FarmShare member! Try out this simple, fresh, and delicious snap pea and radish salad.


Pantry Items

New items!

Dunk’s Mushrooms Gourmet Mushroom Pot Pies! So easy to prepare, just remove lid and heat in the oven. Made from scratch in house, using local ingredients whenever possible. This is a traditional pot pie using mushrooms in place of meat (Pies are vegetarian, but are not vegan due to butter in the crust.)

Not your typical veggie burger, Dunk’s Vegan Mushroom patties are 83% mushroom (Oyster and Shiitake) and are fully cooked ready to heat on your grill, stove, oven or microwave. 

Also, try out Dunk’s Pulled “Pork” made from oyster mushrooms. The BBQ sauce is made in-house, fresh for each batch!


Dairy Items


Local cheddar cheese from Contoocook Creamery at Bohanan Farm in Contoocook, NH.

A fifth-generation farm, Bohanan Farm produces milk of the highest quality with the most efficient and environmentally sound practices available. The farm consists of more than 440 acres of land and is home to 200 milk cows, whose well-being is the number one priority of the Bohanan family. It takes happy, healthy cows to produce Contoocook Creamery’s delicious high-quality milk!

It’s the hint of tart apple, the honeyed aftertaste, and the firm, flaky texture that makes VT Farmstead’s WindsorDale the perfect cheese to add sweet bursts of luscious fruit. 


Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company gently cares for their land (in South Woodstock VT) and the lives of their animals to make fresh, quality, and artisan cheese available to all.


Protein Items

Back in stock!

Miles Smith Marinated Beef Tips! 

BBQ some grain-finished Italian-Style Marinated Steak Tips from Miles Smith Farm! 

Miles Smith Farm, a family farm in Loudon, NH, raises their grass-fed herd of Scottish Highlander Cattle on 300 acres of land leased around the state. The care of the animals, quality of the meat, and sustainable practices are top priority at the farm.

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