Greetings from Fresh Start Farms!

Welcome to Week 4 of the Winter FarmShare! Only 1 more week left! This week look forward to some new items like shallots from Edgewater Farm, large organic sweet potatoes from Walker Farm, organic carnival squash from Atlas Farm, plus greens from a new partner farm: Oasis Springs Farm!

Oasis Springs Farm is an urban hydroponic farm in Nashua, NH. They provide year-round greens to the community through environmentally friendly practices and high-tech resources. This week they’ve brought us salad mix and lettuce. Next week look forward to their kale & chard as well!

Get excited for a variety of new products from Ben’s Sugar Shack – Caramels, Maple Sugar Candy, 1lb Raw Honey, Sweet Maple Mustard, and Maple Horseradish Mustard. Perfect for stocking stuffers!  Plus a new flavor from True North Granola, Coconut & Dark Chocolate Granola, and a restock on Red’s Best Haddock and Robie Farm’s chicken thighs and drums.

New from Ben's Sugar Shack!
Holiday Gift Boxes

Edible gifts are best! Give the gift of local food to your friends and family this holiday season! We’ve got a variety of gift boxes available made from all local foodie favorites that will make for a meaningful gift anyone can enjoy.  Boxes include Maple Lover’s, New England Breakfast, Tea + Honey, Chef’s Box, BBQ, Charcuterie and more!


Plus, the boxes are perfectly sized for mailing to loved ones near and far. Limited quantities available so order now! 

Gift cards are also available to gift someone a one-time box of Fresh Start Farm veggies or a month long Farm Share for the upcoming growing season. Pricing starts at only $28!

Shop local and support producers in your community! 


From This Week's Bounty

Salad Mix & Lettuce, Oasis Spring Farm

Kale, Leeks, Shallots, Potatoes, and Onions Edgewater Farm

Organic Carrots & Parsnips, Harlow Farm

Long Pie Pumpkins, Heron Pond Farm

Organic Sunflower Greens, Grateful Greens

Butternut and Carnival Squash, Atlas Farm

Organic Sweet Potatoes, Walker Farm

Mixed Purple Daikon, Watermelon & Spanish Black Radishes, Milkweed Farm

Red Beets, Isha & Sidi

Garlic, Fresh Start Farmers

FruitShare Update

Standard FruitShare: Mix of Honeycrisp & Macoun Apples from Brookdale Fruit Farm

Important Member Info

Pickup & Delivery

Home Delivery
Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 9am to 5pm
It is very important that you update your delivery instructions on your Harvie Profile page so we get the food to the right place. Be sure to leave a cooler out for the delivery driver.

Bona Fide Green Goods Pick Up
Wednesdays 3pm to 6pm 
25 N. Main Street, Concord
Give the Bona Fide staff your name and they’ll get your box for you.

St. Paul’s School Employee Pick Up
Wednesdays 2pm to 4pm
SPS Post Office 
Any milk, meat, or frozen products will be in the fridge.

Story Hill Farm in Dunbarton
Wednesdays 4:30pm to 6pm
5 Story Hill Road, Dunbarton
There is a blue tiny house on the farm that we use as a Self-Service Farm Stand. Your box will be in the house labeled with your name. Any milk, meat, or frozen products will be in a cooler which you will need to grab.

Fresh Start Food Hub Pick Up
Wednesdays & Thursdays 2pm to 6pm
150 Spruce Street, Manchester
We can’t wait for you to see our new Market!

YMCA of Greater Nashua 
Friday 3:30pm to 5:30pm
24 Stadium Drive, Nashua
There will be a volunteer there to help you find your box. Any milk, meat, or frozen products will be in a cooler. 

We will not hold missed pick ups. We will donate any unclaimed shares to our local food pantries. 

Your Harvie Dashboard:

From your Harvie Dashboard, you can customize the contents of your box, reschedule/change location/skip and hold shares, and update your product preferences. Learn more about how to use your Dashboard here.

Please return boxes & insulated liners!

of the Week

Salads aren't just for summer!

Salads provide endless possibilities for flavorful and fresh combinations! Get creative with a mix of greens, raw and roasted root veggies, fresh herbs, citrus, apples, grains, and dressings. Here are some great salads to try:


Pantry Items

New from True North Granola!

Certified Gluten-Free Oats, Belgian Chocolate Chunks, Slivered Almonds

This gluten-free granola is extremely popular and features certified gluten free rolled oats, virgin coconut oil along with 2 forms of coconut (coconut chips and shredded coconut), Belgian dark chocolate chunks, slivered almonds, and pure coconut extract.

True North Granola is a Vermont granola company that sells delicious and healthy handmade granola using only the freshest organic and all-natural ingredients.


New from Monadnock Oil & Vinegar!

Monadnock Oil & Vinegars are blended in small, artisan batches in Peterborough, NH. They have expertly paired oils and vinegars that will bring your vegetables to a whole new level. Try out some new pairings:

Blood Orange Infused Olive Oil with Cranberry-Pear White Balsamic Vinegar for a lively, tart vinaigrette, or try out some of Monadnock’s suggested recipes.

Wild Mushroom & Sage Olive Oil for a delicious take on Chicken Pot Pie, or any of these great recipes. Or pair with Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic Vinegar for a dynamite salad dressing or marinade. 

Other available pairings include Rosemary Olive Oil with Oregano White Balsamic, Garlic Olive Oil with Honey Ginger Balsamic, or Maple Balsamic with Blood Orange Olive Oil!


Dairy Items

On Sale! $9 for Lille Coulommiers Cheese

From the northern reaches of France comes the origin of our Coulommiers-style cheese and thicker ancestor to Brie, and the name itself, Lillé. Handmade in small batches, each wheel is a slightly different weight. Aged in its own special room, and lovingly turned regularly, the delicate rind develops evenly with a white downy bloom.

Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company gently cares for their land (in South Woodstock VT) and the lives of their animals to make fresh, quality, and artisan cheese available to all.

1-Year Aged Cheddar Cheese

Aged for one year to achieve the classic New England cheddar profile: comforting, lightly tangy, and rich. Try it paired with fresh grapes or sliced fresh apples for a juicy counterpoint to its rich and buttery flavors. 1 Year Cheddar is also perfect for melting. Grafton Village Cheese has been making award-winning local cheese in Grafton VT since the 180os.


Protein Items

Restock! Red’s Best Haddock

Red’s Best, out of Boston, brings 100% traceable, Atlantic caught seafood to New England. Red’s Best supports a network of local fishermen through processing, transportation, and distribution. Their traceability technology tracks your seafood from the ocean to dinner plate. This week’s supply of Haddock was caught by Hamilton Fisheries near Chatham MA. Haddock is in 1 lb packages, $15/lb, and arrives frozen.

Top with buttery breadcrumbs and bake at 400° until fish is opaque and breadcrumbs are browned. For more inspiration, try Haddock Piccata or Mustard Roasted Fish.

Robie Farm's Thighs & Drums

All-natural, 100% pasture free-ranging, growth hormone/antibiotic-free, and local chicken from Robie Farm.

Robie Farm is a small family farm owned and operated on the banks of the Connecticut River in Piermont, NH. All of their chickens are humanely raised right on their farm in movable pens on pastures (as opposed to indoor confinement).

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