Even though it may be the off-season for our farmers, they are still keeping busy! Batulo Mahamed, who is part of the Umoja Farmers group, has opened her own business in downtown Concord! She has been working on starting her own restaurant/catering business, and she finally had her grand opening yesterday as part of the Capitol Center for the Arts Culinary Artist-in-Residence program! Her delicious meat pies can be found at both the Capitol Center for the Arts and Bank of NH venue from Wednesday – Friday, 11am – 6pm! Read more about it in this article from the Concord Monitor

Many of our farmers also practice seed saving, a method in which they save their seeds from previous crops and then use them to generate new seedlings for the upcoming planting season. Some of the farmers send their seeds to Spring Ledge Farm, which nurtures them to a seedling stage. This helps the plants develop healthy roots, which will benefit them in the growing season. Once the seeds have germinated into seedlings, they are returned to the farmers and ready to plant!


From This Week's Bounty

Cortland and Mutsu Apples, Champlain Valley Orchards 

Rose Skin Sweet Potatoes, Basin Farm

Red Beets & Black Spanish Radish, Harlow Farm

Organic White Potatoes, Picadilly Farm

Parsnips, Czjakowski Farm

Ecologically-Grown Hosui and Kosui Pears, Champlain Orchards

January King Cabbage, Kitchen Garden Farm

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of the Week

Need a change of pace? Try this recipe for a yummy option! Follow the recipe as is, or use Robie Farm’s beef kabobs and simply rub them with the spice mix! Use some fresh greens and radish from your FarmShare for a crispy side salad. Find the recipe from The Food Network here


Pantry Items

New Product!
  • Pomegranate and Aronia Berry Shrubbly- What’s a shrubbly? Good question: “It’s part of an American revival of old-time mixers called Shrubs. Before refrigeration was widely available people made use of perishable fruit by adding it to vinegar and then flavored drinks with the delicious “Shrub” mixers they created.”

    Shrubbly makes their Shrub from pressed fruit, herbs/spices, and apple cider vinegar and then use them to add crisp flavor to sparkling water. This flavor is lightly tart from pomegranate and aronia berry, sweetened slightly with honey, with the subtle spice of cardamom.  Only 6 grams of sugars and 25 calories per can from real squeezed fruit and honey.

Did you know we have these baking essentials?

Ground Up Stone Milled Flours believes that good baking starts from the ground up! They use a hand-crafted stone mill to help preserve nutritional quality of the grains and deliver you delicious flavor and versatility.

  • All-Purpose Flour- a perfect blend of sifted bread and pastry flour;
  • Whole Wheat Flour- a blend of lower protein Soft White Winter Wheat with a higher protein Hard Red Spring Wheat that will make dough easy to work with for a variety of uses.

Dairy Items

Hot Pepper Havarti from Bell and Goose 

A buttery semi-soft havarti, made with pasteurized cow milk and crushed red pepper. A perfect balance of creaminess and heat.

Anna Cantelmo started Bell & Goose Cheese Co after more than a decade of studying and pursuing the craft of artisan cheese making. The creamery is located on Heron Pond Farm in South Hampton NH where her husband Andre and his business partner Greg have been growing vegetables and berries for over 20 years. You can find B&G cheese at the Heron Pond Farm Stand all year round. Bell and Goose Cheese Co. make fresh and aged cheese with cow and sheep milk sourced from two local dairies.


Protein Items

Beef Kabobs from Robie Farm

Robie Farm’s beef products are richly marbled, juicy, tender, and loaded with flavor.

All the beef they sell is Humanely Raised, Growth-Hormone Free, All Natural, Locally Grown (HGAL). Their cattle consist of Normande, Hereford, and Angus crosses that provide outstanding components of flavor and tenderness. From spring to fall,  the cows graze day and night on lush grass. During the winter months, they are fed hay and supplemented with protein-rich grain. 

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